Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tall Mom's Virtual 5K

Today was Tall Mom's 3 High Fives Virtual 5K.  I signed up for the race a week or so ago to help Mel raise money for Susan G. Komen.  With the Gold Rush 5K on Friday night, I didn't plan to really race the goal was to just get in some tempo work.  I started out at the trailhead and followed the trail out for right about 3 miles. It was nearly 80 out and sunny and it takes me a while to acclimate to the warm weather.  Plus I was really noticing my calves felt tight from my bike ride last night. 

I turned around at 3 miles on my Garmin and pressed start on my Timex (yep, I rocked two watches tonight!) I did pretty good for the first mile...but then I let the little voices in my head talk me into some walking time and from then on I really struggled to stay on my pace.  I didn't have trouble getting back into a quick pace...I just had trouble maintaining the confidence that I could keep up with the pace.  I had to go the extra 1/10 mile past the lot I parked in to end up with an actual 5K.  In the end, I had a 32:49 time for my 1st virtual 5K.  I will definitely give myself a rest day tomorrow so that my legs feel a little bit more fresh for my 5K on Friday night. Tonight I ended up with 6.25 miles which was great. 

Tall Mom asked us to design our own race here is my creative genius!
That's right, in honor of Cinco de Mayo I decided to have bib number 5 made out of 5 jars of Mayo! Don't worry I'm fully aware of the cheesiness of my bib!


  1. Cute idea although mayo makes me gag!

  2. Very creative bib,love it :) great job on your run and good luck on your 5k tomorrow night.

  3. Ha ha...your bib is hilarious! :) Good job on the virtual 5k! I hope your real 5k went well today!

  4. I don't think my first comment went through. But if it did, sorry for the repost! :)
    Your race bib is hilarious! :) Good job on your virtual 5k! I hope your real 5k went well tonight! :)

  5. You are a CRACK UP!! Thank you for participating