Thursday, February 12, 2015

Training Runs with Run Bentonville

It's amazing how fast the time flies by...we are already half way through the training program for the Bentonville Half Marathon group.  Last week we tackled 8 miles for the weekly long run.  Waking up the temps were in that range of not too cold but not too warm.  The forecast high for the day was going be around 70 but around 7 am for our run it was still just 40 degrees.

Less than a mile into the run and I was warm and stripping off my fleece headband to try and get more comfortable.  Our route for the week was an out and back route that used the North Bentonville trails.  The paved trail is easy to follow and works great for a large group...not too many turns to get lost on!

The best part of the route ended up being our turn around.  It was marked by the world's smallest cone!

The second half of the run had gorgeous sunshine to keep us company and fun trail-side artwork to enjoy.  I couldn't resist stopping for a photo of the stained glass art piece.  It is one of my favorites especially when the sun hits it just right.

It's fun to train with the group and meet and talk with the participants.  It's really great to see them developing confidence to not only cover the distance but also tackle the Crystal Bridges hill.  That hill can be such a mental block and it's fun to see people take ownership of it.

After finishing up the run I headed home to a full to do list.  Before I could tackle that list though I had to snack on some olives. 
 I guess the extra sun and warmer temps had me sweating more than I realized since I was craving the salty marinated olives post run.  I got my snack in and then got to work getting my house cleaned and ready for the cookie party I hosted on Sunday.