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Hi, I'm Whitney! I am a middle of the pack runner who discovered the fun of triathlons in 2009. Join me in my adventures in life and training. I run with the Rush Running team and enjoy the fun that comes with such a supportive group of friends who understand what running means to me. I'm newly discovering road biking and the fun that it entails.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1) Holy Batman was that an Earthquake? Apparently we had an earthquake today in Northwest Arkansas.  From the online news reports, it appears that the 2.5 mag earthquake was centered about 3 miles from my house.  I saw lots of postings on Facebook and Twitter around lunchtime and did a little research to determine that it wasn't a random end of April Fool's Day joke! I got home and noticed nothing astray in my house.  It looks like some of my outdoor table chairs are askew but that could easily be from the stray cat that I sometimes catch sunning itself on the deck.  Who knows! Either way, I never thought we would have an earthquake here. 

2) Today was my follow up visit to Dr. Dan in Fayetteville.  He did a little customizing to the shoe inserts that I bought and proclaimed that I should be good to go now! Oh how I hope that is the case.  I'm tired of my toes falling asleep during runs.  I'm going to try some short runs with the inserts until my foot gets used to it.  I'll keep you posted on the progress.  Now tell me, am I crazy to like my podiatrist even more because he has treated one of my running idols...Deena Kastor?  (She used to run for the Univ. of Arkansas and Dr. Dan treats a lot of the Razorback athletes.)

3) Losing It...no not my mind but hopefully some of the extra pounds I've got! I've started keeping track of my food intake via the Lose It App on my iPhone.  I have found that journalling is one of the only ways to get me to modify my eating habits.  I'm only on day 4 but I'm doing much better at reducing my snacks at work.  My motivation is my first triathlon for the year in June.  I got my new triathlon gear a week ago and the top, while it fits, will look better when I get back to my racing weight!

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  1. I hope the inserts help. My toes used to do that, so I know it is not fun!

    And good luck with the weight loss. You can do it!