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Hi, I'm Whitney! I am a middle of the pack runner who discovered the fun of triathlons in 2009. Join me in my adventures in life and training. I run with the Rush Running team and enjoy the fun that comes with such a supportive group of friends who understand what running means to me. I'm newly discovering road biking and the fun that it entails.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Moonlight and Sunrise

I had lunch plans today with my team at work and had to move my swim workout to the early morning laps option.  I'll be super honest...I am not a morning person and 5:30 is just super early for me.  I was thinking about work as I drove to the pool and managed to pass by my exit.  I got to the pool and saw only one other swimmer.  I jumped into a lane near the pace clock and was happy that the water wasn't super cold. 

I planned my workout last night to do a ladder workout.  My plan was to start at 100m build to 400m and then work my way back down for a total of 1600m.  To spice things up, I decided to make the last 50m of each ladder rung a sprint build (increasing pace.)  I started with a warm-up of 300m and 200m of drills.  I started on the top of the clock for each ladder rung and got a variety of rest times depending on how I finished the previous one.  I didn't worry too much about the pace but just focused on endurance and building pace at the end of the sets.  I got in 1 1/2 miles of swimming this morning which is pretty great for me. 

Throughout the workout I had a fun experience...as I swam down the pool I would see the moon as I took a breath.  After I hit the turn and returned back to the start, I would see the sunrise taking place.  It was quite fun and peaceful at the same time.  This was the smallest group that I have seen at the pool with just 4 of us there for the morning laps.  Everyone did their own workouts but we chatted at the end once the sun was up.  Overall, it isn't too bad a way to start the day (and I really should take advantage of it since the outdoor pool will close in 6 weeks or so.)


  1. That is so cool that you have an outdoor lap pool to swim in! I would love that! Oh, and seeing the moon and sunrise while swimming sounds awesome and peaceful! I'm glad you had a good swim! :)

  2. Excellent way to start your day!

  3. Hi Whit,
    Just wanted to let you know that Nutrition Gal just sent me her answer to your snack question, and I plan to post it tomorrow (Friday);-)