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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Trying out a New Sport

Today I got to try out a new sport...bass fishing. I've been super busy for the last few months at my job planning for my company's sponsorship of a pro fisherman in a major fishing tournament series.  This week was the first of the tournament events for our angler.  One of the cool perks, is that a few of my co-workers and I got to go out fishing with the pro angler for a few hours. 

I've never been fishing before and had no clue what to do, but I went into it with an open mind and knew I was getting to learn from a great fisherman.   It was super cold this morning with temps at approx. 27 degrees on the lake.  I loaded up with lots of layers including several running items. My fleece tights and running tops came in handy, not too bulky and plenty warm. 

After the top 10 anglers headed out for their final day of fishing we headed out.  Our pro, Terry, took us into a cove area that was protected from the wind where he had fished during practice days.  Terry started out by casting for me. I was using a jerk bait that looked like a minnow. I really struggled with the jerk rhythm though.  After watching Terry for a few times, I decided to try out casting for myself.  It took a few tries but eventually I got the hang of it. 

Unfortunately, the first spot we went to wasn't that great so we headed out to another.  After some time I finally made my first catch. The metal roof of one of the docks! I'm not kidding I hooked the dock and actually needed help getting the bait off the roof.  Once the sun came out, we switched to a different style of bait and almost immediately had some success. And by we, I mean Terry! Terry pulled in a couple of small bass and was in the process of taking a fish off the hook when my co-worker Pablo hooked a big fish.  Terry went to help Pablo with the net and in the process dropped his fish at my feet where it flopped around and freaked me out.

About this same time, I was having trouble reeling in my rod.  I figured that I was hooked on some brush since we were fishing a ledge near the shore.  I laid my rod down in the boat and took pictures of Pablo with his giant fish (almost 7lb large mouth bass) and figured that Terry would help me get the hook off the brush when he was done.  Well, Terry picked up my rod and swore to me there was a fish on it.  Apparently I had caught a fish and didn't even know it! Obviously I am super new to fishing and a total dork. 

I did have a great time casting and reeling but I'm still a little squirmish about touching a fish.  Bass fishing was a lot more fun that I thought it would be and I'm so glad I got to spend the morning out on the lake with the pro.  I think I'll stick to running, biking, and swimming for my sports but I'm sure I won't turn down another opportunity for a day of fishing either (even though I know I got a little spoiled though by fishing with a pro today!!!)

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  1. NICE! I'm also impressed you avoided using quotation marks around the word "sport"...