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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Active Recovery, My A**!

Whoops, I don't know what I was thinking when I thought that our regular Sunday swim workout would be a nice active recovery for yesterday's half marathon.  Holy cow, it was a tough workout. My legs were feeling the run for sure.

We started with a 500yd warmup of just easy swimming.  For the main workout, we pulled from the workout posted for the Masters swim class with a few minor alterations. 

Up first, 6 x 100 yds.  The workout called for all back but we switched it up and mixed in some IM and strokes.  I was shooting for 2 min on my 100's and Kyla and Brent were going on a 1:50 interval.  I was falling off the pace after my second 100 so I decided to switch to 75's for the remaining 4.  It worked out perfect so that I ended at the same time as the others.  I just shortened the interval time to around 1:30 and kept my heart rate down since I knew what was up next for the 2nd part of the workout. 

Our second set consisted of 20 x 50 yds.  We decided to work in sets of 4 so that we could keep track of our counts and also mix up the strokes.  Below are the sets that we did and to be completely honest I had to duck out on two of the 50's.  I skipped the first 50 of the 3rd set because I needed a breather after the fast free.  I also took a break during the start of the final set to go get a set of fins for the finish.  I was losing steam and needed the extra help of the fins to finish things out.  All of the 50's were done on an even 1 minute interval.  By the way, when I list out an interval time, that interval includes the rest time. 
1 - IM order for 50 on each stroke.
2 - Free - descending pace slow, medium, medium, fast
3 - Fly/Free, Back/Free, Breast/Free, Free/Free
4 - Free - descending pace slow, medium, medium, fast
5 - Fly/Free, Back/Free, Breast/Free, Free/Free

For the 3rd set, we did 16 x 25 yds in IM order on a 40 second interval.  I only did the first two fly as fly, after that I switched to free.  I've been working on my dolphin kick so fly is still a pretty tough stroke for me.  We finished up with a 100yd easy cool down and then hit the hot tub to complete our Sunday ritual! Total swim for the day around 2400 yds!

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  1. Wow, you are awesome for pushing through for a workout today! I ran the Bentonville Half yesterday too, and my legs are miserable. I got a sports massage today and am spending the evening with Advil and my foam roller! :)