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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Unplanned Green Team!

Tuesday night was a great night for a girls night.  Around mid-day Kyla sent out a note to the girls offering to cook dinner for us and not just any dinner...nope on tap for us was the infamous Governor's Chicken Salad! This is one of Kyla's signature recipes that comes from her mother-in-law and is named as such because she once served this recipe to the Governor.  I had planned to do a trainer ride with some speed intervals since I have some races this weekend but Kyla's dinner offer was too tempting to skip!

A few of us met at Kyla's house which is just one mile from the big group meeting location.  I walked into Kyla's house in my lime green top and she was so disappointed that she had chosen an orange top to wear.  A few minutes later, Maja showed up and she also was wearing a lime green jersey.  Kyla promptly changed into her green top so that we could all match!  Poor AJ and Mandy didn't get the color memo so we'll have to work on that for next time. 

Post ride: Kyla, Maja, and me
Once we had Kyla's wardrobe change down we headed out and of course we were running late...impossible not to be with 4 girls (filling up bottles, taking potty breaks, searching for sunglasses, etc.)! Lucky for us, our 5th girl was also running late so the big group was waiting for us.  Mind you late was just about 3 minutes after 6 but sometimes the guys get antsy and want to leave exactly on the dot of 6!

The guys had selected a 30 mile route that is a loop that isn't the most conducive for shortening.  The girls were all wanting to do around 20 miles so we decided to take another route that wasn't quite as long.  We wanted something a little more leisurely (in pace!) but still a good workout so we chose a route with several hills.  Kier joined us because it was his first outdoor ride in a while and Danielle was another addition to our group.  

We had a great time riding except for all the bugs that we seemed to be inhaling.  So gross! It was Danielle's first time to ride up Slaughter Pen hill and she was tough doing a standing climb for quite a bit of the hill.  It is one of our toughest hills and always is humbling! We got a good 20 miles in and were on our way back to Kyla's for dinner when we spotted a Segway coming towards us.  We had to add on an extra block in order to check this out...the guy was totally motoring along!

This is what's left after 4 girls tackle some chicken salad!
After finishing up, we headed into Kyla's and she put us to work.  Maja and I each were given a small cutting board and started cutting up the grapes.  AJ was put in charge of whipping the cream and Kyla pulled it all together.  We were like vultures over the kitchen counter as we all ate veggies and dip and the leftover grapes while Kyla pulled the chicken salad together.  AJ's son had a bag of Cheetos that we all kept stealing from much to his dismay.  The Governor's Chicken Salad did not disappoint and everyone was happy to sit outside and enjoy catching up. We peppered AJ's son with questions about their recent trip to Washington, DC.  We don't remember what the question was but Keegan gave us the best answer possible..."There's really no way to be sure." See if you can incorporate that into your conversations! Maja thought it would be great for answering questions at work..."Will you have the project done? There's really no way to be sure!" All together a fun Tuesday night filled with exercise and great friends!

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  1. Great recap! The only thing you forgot was at the end of the night about how I asked you when you were going to post about our workout. :-)