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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Recap

I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend.  I took a few days to go visit my sister and her family.  My sister and brother-in-law are training for their first sprint triathlon.  They are doing the Tie Dye Tri which I have done the past two years.  Instead of racing that this year, I am doing the Redman Half Iron distance race.  It works out great since my race is on Saturday and their race is on Sunday so we can have a family triathlon race weekend! Only 3 weeks to go and I think we are all feeling a little nervous!

This trip, I took my bike with me so that we could get some training in together.  I had a 50 mile ride on deck for Saturday.  Lindsey investigated local bike routes and she and I headed out at 7AM to do a 23 mile loop.  The route was really pretty with rolling hills.  We saw a couple of small groups but for the most part had the area to ourselves.  When we got back, I refilled my water bottles and changed partners.  Next up was Tim's turn to ride with me.

Tim and I headed out to do the same course in reverse.  We hit our first red light and Tim asked if we could run it...I of course said no (law abiding citizen award for me!) We hit the next major light and out of nowhere we were surrounded by a group of 15-20 cyclists.  It was super funny and we ended up on the same route as the group for the first 8 miles or so.  That ended up as an aggressive and hilly 8 miles that tuckered me out for the next 8.  I paid for those aggressive hills with a couple of lackluster miles until a pit stop for some Gatorade.  I had to teach my brother in law another important lesson...always fill up your bottles if you can at a gas station.  You never know if you'll make a wrong turn...don't worry we didn't make any wrong turns!

Tim and I added on a couple of miles so that I hit 48 miles total. He was able to get me to run a red light on campus that was at a stop walk with no pedestrians anywhere near (law breaking citizen award, boo!)  I thought 48 hilly miles was equal to 50 flat so I called it good for the day.  Sadly, I didn't have any motivation to run off the bike so I called it a day.  Bad triathlete...hopefully I'll make up for that with some shorter bricks over the next few weeks.

Sunday morning I headed out with Lindsey to do a long run.  We met up with her running buddies on campus.  We did about 8 miles together on one of their routes.  One of Lindsey's buddies usually runs the last few miles with her dog Dandy.  Lindsey and I ran Pennie home to pick up Dandy and then they came back to campus with us to hit 12 miles.  We were going to walk the mile home but I got to thinking about chocolate milk during mile 12 and couldn't imagine how long it would take to walk mile 13.  We ended up doing a 2 min run/walk combo over that mile.  This got us to just over a half marathon for the day! It was more than I had planned to run but definitely will help boost my confidence over the next few weeks. 

It's so fun to see Lindsey and Tim train for their first triathlon.  I am so lucky that they have been part of my cheering squad for the last 3 seasons and I can't wait to pay them back by cheering for their first one!

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  1. What fun to ride/run with your sister and brother in law. Good luck in your half ironman.