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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Finally an Answer

Today I met up with my friend Rhonda for an 8 mile run.  We have been trying to do our long runs together since we run about the same pace and are both training for the Bentonville Half Marathon on March 31st. 

It was a beautiful morning for a run with temps around 54 when we started.  We did a portion of the race course for our run and added on a section in order to get in the distance we wanted with an easy route.  The route was perfect except for one section that was straight into the wind and slightly uphill.  It was barely an incline but with the wind blowing strongly in our faces it felt tough! We were so happy to finally make a turn and get a crosswind instead of a headwind. 

We finished up with a short walk to cooldown.  They are just starting construction on a new hotel near our downtown square and it is fun to check out the progress.  Our walk essentially took us around the building site.  Afterwards, we took a few minutes to stretch on the downtown square.  I had been plagued by a pebble during our run so I decided to take off my shoe and fix that.  A few weeks ago I realized that sometimes pebbles were hiding under my inserts and so I took my insert out in order to get to the pebble.  As I was doing this, I finally got an answer to my perma-blister on my left heel.  Check out this picture and you can clearly see that my insert has a group of protrusions on the bottom to stabilize the heel. 

Based on my wear pattern on the insert, the blister I keep getting lines up exactly with one of these protrusions. 

I'm glad to figure out what could potentially be causing my blister.   I'll test out my theory by switching back to the regular inserts that came with the shoes.  I have been using these Superfeet inserts for the past few years to help with Morton's neuroma which is a tingling type of pain I sometimes get in my toes caused by having a 2nd toe longer than my big toe.  Hopefully the regular inserts will work out okay for my feet but if not I'll have to check into some new inserts. 

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