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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Funday In honor of Leap Day

Today's Sunday Funday swim workout was our tribute to the Leap Day holiday.  We love to celebrate the holidays with a fun swim and today we had a big group including Carie our workout leader, Lori, Brent, Jeff, Jen, Hannah, and me. 

We all agreed to do a 400yd warmup and then start the workout.  After the warmup we had 8 x 25 on 35 second intervals doing fly on the odds and backstroke on the evens.  I switched the fly to free style since it's not a stroke that I'm very comfortable with. 

The first workout set was 6 x 75 on the 1:30.  The 75's were back, breast, free for each one except you swam a faster sprint for the 1st leg on the 1st one, 2nd leg on the 2nd one, 3rd leg on the 3rd one and then back to one.  I had to switch the back to free in order to keep pace with the rest of the group about halfway through the set. 

Our next set was one that we all did something a little different.  The workout called for a 400yd time trial followed by a 200 easy swim.  The 400 could be swum via a 400IM, 400 free, or 4x100.  The faster group was going for a fast 400 and they even contemplated swimming 3 x 200 fast.  I knew that I couldn't hold the same times as them so I decided to do 3 x 150.  I did the first and third as pull and the middle 150 as free with stroke for the middle 50.  The faster group ended up taking a rest break between their 400 and 200 so I ended up with extra time and managed to squeeze in another 100. 

The final set was extra special and paid homage to Leap Day.  We did 29 x 25yd repeats broken out in sets of 4.  The 1st and 2nd were on a 30 second interval.  The 3rd and 4th were on a 45 second interval.  The 4th 25 required you to get out of the pool and then LEAP feet first into the pool and sprint for the interval.  It was really awkward to leap feet first and then try to start sprinting.  I sort of perfected a method where as soon as I leapt in I kicked my feet back to try and get a semi kick off the pool wall.  Either way I was much deeper than normal for starting a sprint. 

For the 29th interval, we got to take a dive start and sprint.  Unfortunately, our 29th interval would have started in the shallow end and our pool has a strict rule against shallow water dives.  Yep, we had to add an extra interval so we ended up with 30 x 25yd repeats.  I swam the repeats as all freestyle but some of the group swam them in IM order.  Carie and I were sharing a lane and her butterfly was tough to swim against! She has got quite the powerful dolphin kick and ended up taking off a second or two after me on some of the repeats when she was doing butterfly. 

We finished up the workout with an easy cooldown and then hot tub time.   Our next holiday to look forward to is St Patrick's Day.  I tossed out the idea of somehow having to dive for gold during a repeat so we'll see what Carie comes up with.  She's really good at finding fun workouts for our group!

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  1. Great job in the pool! How is your annual swim goal going? Tim wants me to tell you he can't wait for El Reno! Did you sign up to do both races again this year? Sadly, I remembered how blind I am and realized I can't just go swim in a lake and not get lost. Thankfully, though, I LOVE being a cheerleader!