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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Making Cents of Breakfast

This week on Facebook I saw a fun Infographic from The Breakfast Project by America's Milk Processors.   The inforgraphic shows you how much of each drink you get for one quarter and what nutrients it contains. 

I am notoriously a bad breakfast eater and also a horrible milk drinker! I always got special treatment as a kid and negotiated with my mom that my glass of milk at breakfast was the milk that I would use in my cereal.  Thus I only had to have one glass of milk instead of two.  I know...horrible child especially since I wouldn't always drink the leftover milk in the bowl. 

Since then I have slightly improved my feelings towards milk.  I can handle skim milk if it is super cold or chocolate milk.  I really appreciate the information that they have provided and think an 8oz glass is quite manageable.  When I have chocolate milk in the house I have been known to have a small glass of that before heading to work.  I should work harder to switch to skim milk and getting more calcium in since sadly I am approaching my mid-30's and I want to avoid osteoporosis for sure. 

Thoughts? Do you include milk in your daily breakfast? 

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