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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K Results

This morning The Boring Runner hosted the Sweat Your Thorns Off Virtual 5K race!

Northwest Arkansas did not disappoint with a 6AM start time and the temps were already 82!  The humidity was supposedly just 55% but it felt much more humid than that.  We are currently under an Excessive Heat Warning with temps forecasted to reach 100+ again today.

I included this race as part of a longer run so I got in 7 miles total.  I met up with a few others for the 6AM start but the majority of the group was running trails and I'm not ready for trails yet! There ended up being just 4 of us on the roads today and the other three were faster than me so I had the road to myself. 

I put on some tunes and began a nice and easy run.  I'm slowly working on rebuilding my mileage and stamina for long runs.  Right now my focus is simply getting the distance covered...with this heat I just don't want to worry too much about the pace.  I would rather run slower and finish the distance goal I have than go too fast and fall apart.  Finishing my runs mentally strong is something that I am working on since the mental game is where I fall apart in longer races. 

The route that we did was an out and back and I simply counted the first 5K as my race effort.  Since it was part of a longer run I didn't actually race it just tracked my time.  My time of 34:59 isn't anything stellar but it was the perfect pace to get me through the distance I had planned.  I did modify my out and back route because there was a really stinky lake in the park that I wanted to skip on the return trip and my nose was quite thankful for the route change!

Below is my proof that I really did Sweat My Thorns Off! Somehow I managed to sweat off my legs and head too...definitely not the original goal but kind of funny!

Hope you had a great race and visit The Boring Runner for more race recaps in the coming days. 

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