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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ghosts of Posts Gone By

Today Arkansas Women Bloggers has asked me to revisit a post from the past for Blogtober Fest. 

I took a few minutes to go back and look over some of my first posts.  I started my blog in March 2010 and to date have written around 285 posts in total.  My initial writing style didn't include very many pictures and the posts tended to be a little shorter.  Guess I've gotten wordy as time has gone by!

Consistenly when I review my Google Analytics details there is one post that stays near the top for driving traffic to my site.  It is a post for a product that I really did beg my sister to get me for my birthday since she lived near a CVS and I did not.  I had discovered these products through a magazine spread that was on gift items for athletes. 

With out any futher ado...here is my post on CVS Peas Cold Pack.  Rereading the post reminded me how mortified I was to fall that day. 

Frozen peas have always been a recommended method for icing since the peas are small and can adapt around your body much better than a larger ice bag.  It made me think of the movie Bridesmaids!  Did you not laugh when the girl literally open the bag and poured the frozen peas over her infected tattoo instead of placing the bag of peas on the area.  Too funny! 

If you follow the link above to the Arkansas Women Bloggers site then you can see posts on the same topics that I have been writing about from all different perspectives.  Arkansas is rich in creative and diverse bloggers and participating in this challenge has helped me discover so many new blogs to read. 

Thanks for the trip down memory lane and the opportunity to revisit some of my initial posts. 

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  1. Never heard of the reusable "peas!" What a great idea. Too bad the hubs didn't know about them when we had the little surgery after kid #2! ;)