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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Welcoming New People to the Gym

My gym has become crowded again with lots of people returning to fitness with the start of the New Year.  It means that some of the classes that I attend are a little busier now but thankfully the pool has stayed manageable.  At lunch time the parking lot and locker rooms are packed!It's good to see that the resolutionists are working to develop fitness habits and I really do hope they are able to find a fitness regimen that they like.  I do have to share a few favorite moments from the past couple of weeks as I encountered some memorable new people attending classes for the first time!

First up was the TRX class that I attend.  Before the holidays the class was about 50-60% full most of the time.  The last two weeks it has been full...maybe one-two sets of bands open.  The funny moment happened last week when one participant wore chaco style sandals to class.  The trainer who leads the class had to help her with some of the set up for ab work where your feet go in the straps so you can get in plank position.  He advised her that sandals were not the best choice for the class.  In that same class, very randomly a person came and just stood in the doorway watching class for about 5 minutes.  It was odd to have an audience!

Next up was Bootcamp class.  Bootcamp is advertised as an intermediate to advanced level class.  There is a very strong core following of people that attend this class.  The class has a size limit and the trainer has had to lock the door before when the max is hit. 

One day last week a funny question came up from one of my friends at the start of class...if your pants were on inside out would you want to know?  I was 100% certain that my pants were on correctly so I quickly looked around and noticed that one of the new comers had her pants on inside out.  My friend quietly pointed it out to her but she wasn't bothered by it.  There was plenty of time to run to the restroom and change them to be right side out but she just kept them as they were.  I'm impressed with her confidence because I would have died of embarrassment. 

The bootcamp class is a mixture of circuits and you rotate in groups of 4 between stations.  On this particular night we were doing a version with fewer stations.  In this format, half of the group works together doing cardio/weights in the center of the room while the other half works the stations.  You rotate between the center of the room and the stations.  You still go to the stations in a counter clockwise order.  We ended up with groups of 6 people on a couple of stations which is a no-no.  We also ended up with a few people that didn't understand the flow between the cardio and circuit stations.  Thankfully the trainer gave a more detailed description of the circuit and flow between stations at the next class and things flowed much more smoothly.  It was a little mayhem though last week!

Overall, the influx of new people hasn't really gotten in the way of my workouts.  I am worried that soon the TRX class will fill up.  It's tough for me to get to the class super early so hopefully attendance doesn't increase more than it has already!

How has your gym been the last few weeks since the start of the new year? 

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  1. I worked out one day with my shirt inside out - the HUGE tag right out there for all to see. I would have loved it if someone had told me. I also wore pants inside out one morning but no one noticed including me.