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Thursday, May 30, 2013

JDRF Rock the Run Race Recap

On Memorial Day I took park in a race to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation called the Rock the Run 5K.  This race is in its 3rd year and is still growing a following.  The race is held at the Rogers High School cross country course and yet somehow I didn't realize that it was a cross country style race!

The race began in typical cross country style...runners spread out across a long line and when the horn blew we all raced to the narrow trail beginning.  We had to run across some taller grass until we finally hit the manicured trail of the actual cross country course.

The race was 2 1/2 loops of the course and it included two chances to run a series of 3 bunny hop hills.  These little hills were there just to mess up your stride! I wasn't really sure what to do to tackle them!

My first loop felt okay but I could tell that my legs were tired.  As I moved through the second loop I started to lose that race motivation and the race quickly turned into a well supported workout for me.  I just didn't have the heart to race and even took a few short walk breaks which I haven't been doing in races for a while.  My legs felt horrible and that just messed up my mental strength.

I was happy to finish up the second loop and head out for the short finish loop.  It was great to finish and then cheer on the rest of the finishers.  It was a small race and they were really fast at getting the results posted for all to see.  They had the awards ceremony going on within an hour of the start which was great.

Overall, not a bad workout/race after a hard weekend of a long run and long ride workout.  My time came in at 32:17 and this counts as my 5K race for the Running Bloggers Virtual Race series.

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