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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We've got a new swimming hole!

Growing up I heard stories of my dad and his brothers spending time every summer at the swimming hole.  My dad grew up in Nebraska and is one of five boys.  Of course the stories when told by my dad and uncles appeared larger than life to me as a kid.  My sisters and I didn't have the same type of stories since we didn't have a swimming hole...but we did have swimming pools!

As a kid and adult living in a more city setting, the local community pool became my swimming hole.  Recently I got the chance to preview the newest city pool and water park in Rogers, AR.  The Rogers Aquatics Center was funded in 2011 by a bond issue voted on by city residents.  It will open on Saturday, May 25th and will be open Monday - Saturday 11-8 and Sunday 12-6.

The Rogers Aquatics Center is more than just a city swimming pool...it is a full fledged water park.  It offers double racing slides called the Tree Top Drop, a swirling bowl slide called the Super Flush, two flume slides called Hawk's Nest Falls, a lazy river, Toddler play area, and the Otter Holler play area...plus the Ole Swimming Hole and Cement Pond.  There are so many activities to do for all different ages.
The park
Racing Slides
Lazy River
Well shaded Toddler play area
Snack Stand

The park holds about 1100 people at a time and the city is committed to making sure that all guests have a great time.  There is a great snack bar with quick service food options.  The locker rooms are full of beautiful wood ceiling details and have plenty of shower stalls and restrooms.  There are even power outlets by the mirrors...a little pet peeve about one pool that I go to is that there are no mirrors by the power plugs.

The Cement Pond is a multi-purpose pool with two springboard diving boards.  It can be set up as a six-lane 25 meter lap swimming pool as well.  The center will have a youth swim team and may even host some small kids swim meets during the summer.

The best news about the Rogers Aquatics Center is that through this Saturday they are offering a half price punch pass for purchase.  There are separate fees for Rogers residents and non-residents.  The tickets are sold based on height above 48" or below 48" since you must be above 48" to do some of the bigger slide attractions.  Children under 36" are free for admission.

Half Price punch passes can be purchased through Friday 10-4 and on Saturday 10-12.  The pass card can be split among family members so you can use it as 10 visits for one person or a family of 5 could use one card for two family visits.  You can get your hand stamped for re-entry and use just one pass per day.  For a resident, the half price punch pass will cost around $42.50 or just over $4 per visit to the park.  For non-residents, the price is just $49.50 or just under $5 per visit to the park.

I hope to see you at the Rogers Aquatics Center swimming hole this summer! I'll give you a little warning though...make sure you readjust your suit before you get up out of the racing slides since they are wedgie inducing slides! My family and I had a blast playing in all the areas of the park and we can't wait to go back once it is open.  I bought my punch pass on Monday...I couldn't pass up the savings opportunity and I know that I'll be at the water park for some summer fun!

Follow the Rogers Aquatics Center on Facebook for more information about special events throughout the summer season.

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