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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How much is your brain worth?

This morning I helped out at the Trifest for MS training series and one of the coaches asked the question...How much is your brain worth?  It was a great question and one that many people new to sport probably haven't thought about.  The point that he was discussing was the importance of a good helmet and the fact that a helmet is a mandatory safety element in any triathlon.

After the training session was over, I headed out for my long run.  I somehow managed to cover a route that included many sections of the urban multi-use trail in our city.  I was so frustrated to see so many cyclists out there on all types of bikes (road, mountain, and cruisers) that weren't wearing helmets.  Apparently, they think their brain is worth nothing.

Helmet use is probably one of my biggest pet peeves.  It kills me to see parents out riding with their children and the children have on helmets but the parents don't.  Any fall from a bike is the potential for an injury and why wouldn't you protect your brain?  It's the most amazing super-computer on the planet and we are all so lucky to have one of our very own.

Here's an infographic with some more information on bicycle helmet use and statistics.  Please remember to wear your helmet and encourage safe riding to your friends and family.

As for me...I've been shopping for a new helmet this season.  I haven't quite found the combination of perfect fit and color yet but I know that I'll find a great one soon.  I'm just looking to expand my helmet collection with a new one but remember that if you have had a fall or accident you should consider replacing your helmet.  Always check the inside for any cracks in the foam or missing pads that would impact the fit.  Make sure you have a good fit and that includes tightening the chin straps...a loose helmet is likely to fall off in a fall and not offer you any protection.

Wear your helmet and enjoy your ride!!!

Infographic source: Christensen & Hymas, LLC

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