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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Be Skinny by Health Guard Review

Disclosure: I was provided with a sample 2-pack of Be Skinny by Health Guard juice drinks however all product opinions are my own based on my use of the provided samples.

After training for an endurance event I got used to burning lots of extra calories and thus being able to enjoying lots of snacks including some less than healthy snack options.  However, since I completed my half ironman a few weeks ago and have been enjoying a rest period I have noticed that my snack level is just as high but my workouts and calorie burn are way down.  It's something that I have to catch before it gets out of hand and leads to unwanted weight gain. That's why I was very interested to hear about a new product from Health Guard to help control appetite.  The product is called Be Skinny and it is a 2 oz juice that can help control your appetite.

The product is an all natural product that contains Saffron Extract and Cranberry Extract.  The juice has a pineapple cranberry flavor but to me it tasted more cranberry than pineapple.  The taste was pleasant especially since I had kept mine in the refrigerator so it was chilled.  One bottle equates to one serving and is just 30 calories and fat-free.

The instructions for use are very simple...take one bottle 45 minutes to 1 hour before a meal. The bottle is 2 oz of juice and easy to drink down.  The instructions call for you to shake the bottle to activate the ingredients.  I'm not so sure what that really accomplished but it seemed to make it frothy.  The drink was very easy to drink and was roughly two sips and then I was done.  It almost wasn't even enough to truly detect the taste but my overall impression was that the taste was very pleasant and cranberry like.

I tried Be Skinny out around noon on a Saturday after running a race.  I waited about 45 minutes and then prepared a healthy lunch of salad with protein and veggies mixed in.  I didn't have plans for the afternoon other than recuperating from the race.  Usually this would be a sign for lots of tv watching and snacking on the couch throughout the afternoon.  Thanks to Be Skinny as I was able to control my snacking and just have one snack later in the afternoon.  Usually a weekend afternoon at home turns into me roaming into the kitchen several times selecting random snacks.  I was very pleasantly surprised that my appetite was kept in control.  Snacking is one of my biggest weaknesses so I was happy to have some help in controlling my snacking!

One thing about this product that I hadn't heard much of before was Saffron Extract.  I did a little research to learn more about it and learned that it is possible that Saffron Extract can help increase serotonin levels which can help regulate your mood and control compulsive snacking.  A quick search of the Interwebs shows that there are tons of Saffron Extract products available on the market in capsule forms and Be Skinny is one of the only ones that I spotted in a juice form.

Be Skinny has a great feature on its website to help you locate stores near you selling the product but you can also order it online on their site.  Health Guard is so sure that you'll like Be Skinny that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  One of the only downsides to the juice that I noticed is the price point at around $4 per bottle.  They offer multi-packs which can help you receive a lower price of about $3.50 per bottle.  It's something that I would probably look to use 1-2 times per week on high stress days when I'm more prone to emotional snacking.  You can check out the Health Guard site for more information about the product or ordering.

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