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Friday, December 6, 2013

What Not to Wear...Snow Day Run Edition!

Thursday I headed home from work like the rest of Northwest Arkansas...EARLY...you see winter weather was coming! Light sleet started around mid-morning and by 2:00 our offices were nearly deserted.  I packed up my computer and made the slow drive home on the slippery roads.  It was just in time as the big hill I have to get up was starting to ice over and at least one car in front of me slid off the road.  I made it home just fine and prepared for the rest of the weather to hit.  It began to snow around 4:00 and it was gorgeous fluffy snow.

Today I woke up to a blanket of snow covering everything.  I quickly shoveled the driveway so that any slush was scooped off before the super cold temps arrive overnight tonight.  Around mid-morning, Facebook started to blow up with pictures of people and their kids out playing in the snow.  And then Chuck, owner of the local race photography company Podium Images and a friend, posted a photo of himself out running in the snow.

Chuck forgot some of the basic rules of winter running...dress for the weather!  His ensemble did include a hat and scarf to ward off the chilly winter weather but other than that all he remembered to put on was a pair of briefs and his running shoes.

Chuck this video might help prepare you better for your next snow run!

In truth, Chuck took opportunity of a gorgeous snowy setting to take a fun photo and I trust that he really does know how to properly dress for a wintery, snow run! If you are local to NWA...it is highly likely that Chuck and his beautiful wife Janet have taken your picture at one of our local races.  Consider following them on Facebook here as they always provide links via their page to new race galleries where you can view and purchase great race pictures!

Back to today...what was great about today was seeing people post pics or comments about getting out into the snow to still get their runs in for the day.  I started my day on the bike trainer to get indoor cardio but by 4:30 all of my friend's posts had motivated me to get on my winter gear and get in a little jog before it got dark.  Sidney and I got 2 miles in which isn't much but it was refreshing to be out there and the crunch of shoes on the snow isn't something I get to hear too often on my runs here in Arkansas! For the run, we went and checked out the two street options to get down off the hill that my neighborhood sits on.  Both streets are about 1/2 mile from mine and both still look to be under heavy ice conditions.  I saw mostly pick up trucks and 4WD vehicles out on the roads.

This brings me to my final tip for the day and it deals with running on roads in poor winter conditions...when you see a car STOP completely and step off the side of the road.  Remove yourself as a distraction for that driver because if they start to steer or make sudden movements they are more likely to skid and lose control of the vehicle putting you on the sidelines in danger.  Once they are past you, resume running.  This method makes me feel safer so it's what I do!

If you have similar winter weather in your neck of the woods this weekend, stay safe and warm and remember to put on those Yak Trax and get out there for a fun snow day run!

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