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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Recovery begins when the workout ends!

Disclosure - Abloc Nutrition provided me with a product sample to taste for this review however all opinions are my own based on my experience with the product.

Triathlon season is quickly approaching and with that comes an increase in training as all three sports become important to my training.  In April, I heard from Mitch at Abloc Nutrition with information about their recovery drink product.  I had the Triple Threat training camp on my schedule in May and knew that recovery was going to be very important to make it through that weekend of training.
àbloc Endurance Recovery Mix
Abloc Endurance Recovery is chocolate milk flavored powder that you combine with milk or water to prepare.  The formula is made in a 2 to 1 carb to protein ratio and has a low sugar content.  All you need to prepare this drink is a shaker bottle and 1 scoop of the powder mix.  With a simple shake, the powder dissolves and you have a yummy chocolate milk flavored drink.  

I make no secrets about my love of chocolate so I was anxious to see how the chocolate flavor of this drink tasted.  I was very surprised to find that the powder dissolved completely and it didn't taste chalky like other chocolate protein drinks can sometimes taste.  I prepared my drink with cold water instead of milk simply because I was on the go and didn't have refrigeration for the milk.  It worked out great and I felt great knowing that I was kickstarting my recovery by getting this drink made within the first 30 minutes after my workouts.

The science behind this recovery formula is that it delivers both carbohydrates and protein in a balanced ratio of 2 to 1.  Within the first 30 minutes after exercise, muscles are able to replenish the glycogen stores more efficiently which is enabled through the complex, low sugar, carbohydrate content.  The protein helps rebuild your muscles to reduce muscle soreness.

Abloc Nutrition was founded by Mitch and Matt, both athletes who were struggling with their own recovery after hard training days and found that products out there didn't meet the needs of the endurance athlete. Their research led them to the ideal carb to protein ratio to speed up recovery and reduce muscle soreness.  What I like is that the guys put as much work into developing a great tasting product as one that helps with recovery.  So many protein products out there have a horrible taste and the Abloc Endurance Recovery breaks that mold with a great chocolate milk flavor.

You can learn more about Abloc Nutrition by following their Facebook page here.  If you want to try Abloc Endurance Recovery for yourself, check out the single size serving pack which is available on the Abloc Nutrition site.  It's a great way to sample the taste before purchasing the full container.  The sample size would also be great to pack with you for races or training that is away from home.  The 2lb canister has approximately 28 servings which equates to just over $1 per serving which is a very economical price.  (From my experience, the chocolate milk in the past that I have purchased for recovery has cost over $1 so this is a comparable price for a sport specific recovery product.)  Make sure you make recovery a priority because it will help you have more consistent training!

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