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Monday, December 22, 2014

12 Days of 25's Christmas Swim

It's December 22nd and I can't help but look for some ways to incorporate the holidays into my workouts.  Today was a lunch time swim.  I arrived at the pool before any of my friends and dug into my gear bag for a copy of an old 12 days of Christmas swim.

The swim totaled 1950 yards which was the perfect distance for a lunch swim.  I went ahead and got started and then my friends joined in later when they arrived. The workout works down a ladder in increments of 25 yards based on whatever day you are on...12 to 1.

12 x 25 = 300 yard warm up swim
11 x 25 = 275 done as 3 x 75 with stroke in the middle, plus 1 x 50 free/stroke
10 x 25 = 250 done as 5 x 50 fast with 10-15 sec recovery
9 x 25 = 225 done as 3 x 75 with stroke in the middle
8 x 25 = 200 done as 200 pull
7 x 25 = 175 done as drill/kick/swim/drill/kick/swim/drill
6 x 25 = 150 done as 3 x 50 on min
5 x 25 = 125 done as a build within getting faster each 25
4 x 25 = 100 done as 100IM
3 x 25 = 75 done with stroke in the middle
2 x 25 = 50 done fast
1 x 25 = 25

There's a lot of variety in this workout and you can easily modify it if you don't like to incorporate strokes into your swim sets.

My favorite swim gear company SBR Sports is offering a fun giveaway this holiday season.  It's a countdown to 2015 and every day they are giving away an awesome prize including great product like TriSwim and TriSlide.  You can follow along via the SBR Sports Instagram feed and enter at the link given each day.



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