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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Trying out the Kettle Bells

A friend of mine recently recommended some workout programs that she does through her running coach.  Her coach has an online site called runsmartonline.com where anyone can access his workouts for a low monthly rate of $10.  The videos are about 30 minutes long and are designed by physical therapist and running gait specialist Steve Gonser to help improve form and function for runners.  My friend is an awesome runner and seems to have a very low injury rate so her recommendation carried a lot of weight to me.

There are several programs offered but the newest is called PRIME.  Prime is a kettle bell workout program that takes six weeks to complete and covers 12 workouts during those 6 weeks.  It's two workouts per week and they build during the program.

Last week was my first week on the program.  My first comments to my friend were "That was a lot of squats.  I can see how it will improve running strength through hips and glutes for sure."  She responded with...watch out it gets harder! I did that first workout on a Monday night.  By mid afternoon on Tuesday during a restroom break at work I got the first twinge of muscle soreness in my legs and glutes.  That soreness lasted until Thursday when it was time for day 2 of the program.  Day 2 was a totally different routine and seemed to cause less muscle soreness.

Last night, was Day 3 and whoa...the soreness came on within 12 hours.  The day 3 program involved lunges within three different planes...front, 45 degree, and side angle lunges.  Even though I'm only using a 5lb kettle bell it is enough to get my heart rate up on some of the exercises and definitely leaves me sweaty.

I'm enjoying that this program is form and technique focused.  Tell me in the comments what you are doing to improve your running form?  I'm building towards spring races and in my base phase want to work on getting stronger to prevent injury.

Here's a short bio on Steve Gonser the author of the workouts.  I love that Steve isn't perfect in the videos...he sometimes wobbles just like me when I'm doing the exercises at home.  I haven't seen him drop the kettle bells yet...not that I've done that...wink wink...but if I did or he did it would be totally understandable, right?!?!
Steve Gonser graduated with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Daemen College, instantly applying his knowledge of human movement and functional anatomy to his passion for running. Steve is a 2x Ironman, including a 10:41 finish in Lake Placid and a Sub-3 hour marathoner.

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