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Hi, I'm Whitney! I am a middle of the pack runner who discovered the fun of triathlons in 2009. Join me in my adventures in life and training. I run with the Rush Running team and enjoy the fun that comes with such a supportive group of friends who understand what running means to me. I'm newly discovering road biking and the fun that it entails.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Fun

Today I had plans to meet the girls in the afternoon for a swim/bike brick workout.  Sadly, our group of 5 somehow became just me and Kyla...but we still had lots of fun.  We met up at the outdoor pool and I let Kyla decide on the workout distance.  I already had 300m done when she got in the pool so she selected 1500m for the total distance.  Her goal was to try and catch me! Kyla is an awesome swimmer and I was definitely worried that she would get me.  I lost count on a lap and might have done an extra...either way I barely finished one lap ahead of Kyla. 

We quickly changed into bike gear so that we could head out on a ride.  We were originally going to do 25 miles but we looked to the North and West and saw ominous black clouds.  We checked the weather radar...what did we do before the iPhone! We decided we could risk it and picked a route that wouldn't take us too far away with the plan that if we made it back from that one and the weather was still okay we would add on.  The route we chose had rolling hills but wasn't necessarily easier or harder than our typical route.  We explored a new street and added on another couple miles by doing so.  The bonus of the new section was getting to see a field of goats and a couple sheep.  Quite fun!

After turning around, we realized we were going to have to race back to beat the storm.  We made it a couple miles and could see lightening off in the distance.  We kept a strong push going until hitting a massive headwind.  It was quite rough and extremely motivating to get finished! We ended up with just over 15.6 miles on the bike after our mile swim.  Not a bad way to finish off a Sunday! The rain started about 5 minutes later as I was getting onto the highway to head home. 

Earlier today, I tried out a Gluten-Free recipe for Peanut Butter cookies.  It was super easy and really tasty. 

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies
1 C packed light brown sugar
1 C smooth peanut butter
1 egg, lightly beaten

Preheat oven to 350.  Beat brown sugar, peanut butter, and egg until blended and smooth.  Shape dough into balls and place on cookie sheet 2 inches apart.  Flatten slightly with a fork.  Bake 10-12 minutes until set.  Cool completely.  If desired, melt 1/2 C semi-sweet chocolate chips.  Drizzle over tops of cookies. 

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