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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Don't Drink the Water

I had one vacation day left that I had to use by the end of this week so I took today off from work.  I had a vet appointment scheduled this morning for Hershey but that was my only plan for the day.  I normally go to lunch time Masters swim laps on Fridays but decided to go today since I was free. 

I got to the pool right when it opened at 11:00 and my friend AJ was also pulling into the parking lot.  We shared a lane and got started on the workout.  We were slow to start since we thought another friend might be joining us but she must have gotten caught up at work.  The warm-up we decided on was 300m of easy swimming.  After the first 100m I had to jump out of the pool and switch goggles.  The ones I started out with were leaking just enough to bother me. 

After the warmup we moved to a 300m set that was mostly kick.  We threw a swim in the middle for AJ to compare her kick while swimming to her kick during kick work.  For some reason, she finds kick sets to be painful and we were trying to figure out if she was kicking differently.

Our main set for the workout was a descending ladder that started at 400m and went down to 300m, 200m, then 100m.  The fun part was that the final 50m of each ladder rung was done on a fast pace.  We took a 20 second rest interval between each ladder and that last one was tough!

We finished up the workout with some more form work by doing a variety set that included pull, back kick, free kick, pull, stroke, and free kick.  This ended up adding 300m to the workout so we tacked on another 100m cooldown to end up with an even 2000m for the day!

The weather has been so hot lately so the pool was actually pretty refreshing.  The water was really cloudy today which made it tough to see even the end of the pool.  For quite a bit of my swim, I kept thinking of the song from Dave Matthews called "Don't Drink the Water" which kept my mind off the swim and distance.  I also counted strokes during the long sets to keep myself focused and not slacking during the easy portions of the longer distances. 

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