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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Fame of Hannah

 A few days ago, I was discussing an upcoming baby shower that we are throwing for my friend Kyla with her.  She is having her first baby in early December! We were talking through the invite list and trying to go through the various groups of people to include...running friends, biking friends, and swimming friends.  When we went through the swimming friends list I asked if Hannah 150's should be invited. You see, I have only met Hannah once but I have heard her name so many times because the Hannah 150 is named after her and it is a staple in our swim workouts. 

Fast forward to tonight and I joined my friend Kyla for a swim workout at her gym.  Normally I don't swim with her during the week so it was fun to see different people in the pool in the after work crowd.  There was some interesting form going on that's for sure!

Kyla and I didn't have a plan to follow.  Our goal was to have an easy and relaxing swim workout since we had a meet on Saturday and then a tough swim on Sunday.  We got started with easy warm-up after spending a few minutes trying to catch the attention of our friend Brent who was already in the middle of a workout when we got there.  Kyla even threw a pool buoy at him and he didn't notice! He finally took a rest break and we were able to say hi!

After swimming a few hundred for warm-up we did a kick set alternating different kick strokes.  Then it was time to start the workout and Hannah 150's were on deck! The Hannah 150 is made up of a 50-free, 50-stroke, 50-free.  These can be done on whatever interval you want and are usually done in IM order for the middle stroke section.  I don't know the full story behind them or when they were officially decreed as the Hannah 150 but in the 2-3 years I have been swimming with my friends they have always referred to this set that way.  I think Hannah used to regularly swim with the group and this was her favorite interval to recommend. 

Anyway, tonight we did a set of 6 - Hannah 150's and I did mine in IM order but by 25's instead of 50's.  So for the first interval I did 25-fly, 25-back. Then on the second one I did 25-back, 25-breast.  We went on a 3:00 minute clock which was a little slow for Kyla but gave me a little more rest.  I used to always swim these as straight free while the group did the stroke work so it is a big change for me to tackle the stroke work in the set. 

Back to the baby shower, before we decided on doing the Hannah 150's for our workout Kyla told me that after our conversation about the invite list on Monday she reached out to Hannah and told her that I had asked if "Hannah 150" should be invited! Too cute and now you all can share in spreading Hannah's fame by taking her interval to your pool too. 

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