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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Week Be Gone - Vacation Recap

I just got back from a vacation to Islamorada in the Florida Keys.  A friend of mine lives there and asked me to come visit sometime ago.  I finally booked a trip and took a long weekend to get away and catch up on some rest and relaxation. 

Don't worry...I survived this lobster attack!
Laura lives just a block away from Founders Park which is a great city park.  Laura loves to walk and usually does a four mile walk each day.  We headed out Saturday morning for a little workout.  I did the first loop walking with Laura and then ran 3 loops on my own and caught up to her for her 4th lap.  I think I got in about 5 miles and then we walked about a mile to pick up our bikes from the night before.  Friday night we rode bikes to Marker 88 for drinks and then ended up heading to a restaurant for dinner via a taxi (leaving our bikes behind.) So altogether I got in around 6 miles for the day!

The trail at Founder's Park!

Yes, this car has eyelashes.  Just some of the fun scenery on the trail.
On Monday, we headed out to walk and did 4 miles around the park.  We took a few minutes to play on the walking trail strength training stations.  Laura is trying to increase her ability to do pullups so I showed her how to utilize another piece of equipment for a modified pullup to help her build up to more regular style pullups.  Mind you I can't do a single pullup but I know what exercises I should be doing to build the strength for them.  Maybe I should listen to myself!

Tourist Things:
I visited the Theater of the Sea which is a marine park.  When you arrive, you join the show that is in progress as they are all on a set schedule.  They offer a trained parrot show, dolphin show, and a sea lion show.  There is also a guided marine animal tour and a nature walk.  I loved the dolphin show and watching how much fun the dolphins were having doing their tricks.  The sea lion show was also really cute.  I love animals and it is so much fun to see them show off their personalities!

Hello, how cute! Impressive iPhone photography if I don't say so!

Making friends with one of the parrots!
Another fun stop was visiting Robbie's Marina which is known for its tarpon feeding docks.  The tarpon fish are huge and you get a bucket of small fish to feed them with.  We ran into some of Laura's neighbors at the marina and Roman volunteered to teach me how to feed the fish.  I'm a little squirmy sometimes and was really grossed out touching the dead fish but I held them by the tail and it wasn't too bad.  I dangled the fish above the water and was encouraged to get closer to the water...when all of sudden the tarpon jumped and gobbled it up.  It scared the crap out of me! Only problem was I still had a bucket full of fish to use.  When I was done I was so happy to wash my hands!

And the Rest of the Fun:
My running partner Anne moved to Miami over the summer much to my disappointment! Her birthday was over the weekend and her husband reached out about meeting up for lunch on Sunday.  It was so much fun to surprise her at Alabama Jack's in Key Largo for lunch.  Anne was so confused at first and thought I had just randomly run into Danny at the restaurant. 

Danny, Me, and Anne! Great friends that I miss a ton:(
The weather wasn't the warmest and the water was choppy but I had a great time relaxing on the beach with Laura.  It was great to listen to the sound of the water and read a book. 

Nothing tops sitting by the water for relaxing.

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  1. There is nothing.......nothing.......like reading on the beach! I would have been squirmy with those fish too.