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Monday, October 10, 2011

Redman Half Ironman - The Run

To finish up my race recap of the Swim, the Bike, and now the Run!

I got started on the run and realized I might have dinked around a little bit on the bike.  My time was in line with my expectation but I got started on the run feeling really good.

Only 13.1 miles to go!!!
That good feeling didn't last that long...maybe 6 minutes! It was about noon when I started on the run and the temps were definitely warm.  I didn't notice the heat on the bike but it was really warm and sunny out.  I loved seeing the people around the race site but there really weren't many spectators out on the course.  The course is a very flat out and back loop.  There were plenty of water stations along the route and they were really well stocked.  The volunteers on the run course were absolutely amazing...they all made sure to call out to you by name as they got the drinks and snacks you requested. 

All smiles for the camera
My overall goal for the run was to stick to a run/walk plan but unfortunately my plan became more of a walk/run plan.  My Garmin died as I was finishing the first loop of the course.  It lasted to the 6 mile mark and I passed it off to my sister.  I wore a water belt and really didn't need it other than for holding my nutrition. 

Starting loop 2 of the race
The second loop of the course was a little slower than the first but I tried to stay positive.  I was suffering from blisters on my left foot and it was really hard to not think about them.  I tried to keep a quick pace going when I was walking and resorted to counting people to get myself to run longer than my brain wanted to go before taking a walk break. 

Passing off my water belt.
I was really excited to see the final water stop and know that I was about 1 mile out from the finish.  I started seeing other athletes returning to their cars with their medals and finisher shirts and knew that I was close to being a finisher!!! It was motivating and emotional at the same time.  I got a little choked up and had to tell myself "don't cry about it, just do it."  I pulled it together before seeing my family around the 1/2 mile out mark.  My sister came out to meet me and I passed my water belt on to her and told her that I was hurting.  After that I picked it up and talked myself into making it to the finish strong.  My dad had to sprint in order to capture my finish line photo! As I made my way down the finisher chute, the announcer called out my name and told everyone that I was celebrating my birthday and was a first time finisher.  It felt so great to hear all the support and cheers. 

Rocking a single arm fist pump as I finished!

All smiles coming down the chute!

I liked that the course were out and back loops.  It meant that you got to see other racers a lot.  It's amazing how helpful it is to have someone else cheer you on during their race and to return the favor to them.  The racers weren't that talkative during the bike portion but people were much more friendly and talkative on the run.  A negative to the course is that there is no shade whatsoever on this course.  It is a sunny course and I got quite the sunburn on my scalp from it. 
My sister Lindsey, Me, and my Dad!
After finishing, we were given our medals and a finisher's shirt.  The finish tent included the post race food selection and was connected to the medical tent.  Thankfully I didn't need those services! I didn't feel too bad except for my sore feet.  I got slightly sick feeling but it was mostly a feeling of I'm really hungry but nothing sounds good feeling.  On the way home, my awesome brother-in-law and race sherpa Tim took me to McDonald's for a Happy Meal!

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