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Monday, October 10, 2011

Redman Misc Items

One of the reasons that I selected Redman Half Ironman as my first 70.3 race was because it was super close to my birthday and near my sister and her family.  I knew that they would be awesome supporters to have cheering my on during the race! Even better news was that my Dad and Stepmom also came to cheer on the race.  I was able to score 2 birthday celebrations with cupcakes and ice cream cake.  My sister is great at spoiling me and you can't top the fun of time with my niece and nephew.  My niece even managed her first few steps during the race weekend.  

Something fun about the race was that they had motivational signs all along the run course.  There were even math problems written in sidewalk chalk along the route.  My favorite quotes from the signs were:
"Don't sweat the petty stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff."
"We know you peed your pants. That's okay."
"I bet you wish you had your bike back now."

Something fun that we did as a family was have race weekend shirts made.  We wore the shirts for my race and also my sister and brother-in-law's race the next day.  Our shirt says Alright^3 otherwise known as Alright, Alright, Alright.  Hopefully you can hear Matthew McConaughey saying that from Dazed and Confused because that just makes it so much better!

Below are some of my favorite pics from the race/birthday weekend!

Pre-race dinner and birthday celebration #1! Cupcakes!!!
The family that cheers together and races together!
My dad, Stepmom, nephew Gavin, sister Lindsey, brother-in-law Tim, and niece Livia.
Getting the cheering supplies ready!
More cowbell, Debby!
Gavin helping me pick out post-race food!
Tim, my sherpa
Post race nap...an awful unattractive photo that my dad took.  My dog is
is the big one sleeping above my head. My sister's dog who claims me as her
personal property is laying along side me.   
Post-race dinner and Birthday celebration #2! Ice cream cake!!!

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