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Monday, November 21, 2011

Swimming Ladders

The weather today has been dreary all day and the forecast called for rain to start around 6PM.  Typically I go to speed work on the track on Monday's at 6PM but with cold, dark, and rain I wasn't feeling that motivated to run.  My friend Kyla called just before 5 and invited me to go swimming instead. 

We met up at the pool and grabbed the middle lane of the pool.  There are only 3 lanes open on Mon/Wed nights because the swim team takes up 4 lanes for practice.  We were there for the younger junior high age practice and knew that we had until 6:30 when their practice would end and the locker room would fill up with crazy kids!

Tonight we went with a different warmup set of 500 broken out by 100 as swim, kick, swim, pull, swim.  It's fun to change things up every so often and keep your workout interesting!

Next up was the main set and Kyla had picked out a ladder.  The initial ladder that she suggested was 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, 200, 100, 75, 50, 25.  I asked for a switch and so we subtracted one of the 200's and added two 150's.  It added a 100 to the overall distance but we were both okay with that. The order of the ladder rungs varied but included some variety to keep things exciting. 

We finished up the main set and added on another 500 to round out the workout.  I did about 200 of kick and then 200 pull. The last 100 of cool down is always great and I took it easy peasy.  We made it out of the pool with about 7 minutes to spare before the kids came in.  It is just hilarious to hear the stuff that they talk about before and after practice. 

As we walked out of the gym, the rain had started and I was glad I had chosen to trade the run for a swim! Let's hope the rain clears up for tomorrow so I can get a run in...gotta burn some calories in anticipation of Thanksgiving!

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  1. I must learn more about swimming drills. I'm so used to Long Slow Distance with running, that I just kind of "swim."