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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My run with Rinny!

On Monday I noticed a posting on Twitter that Mirinda Carfrae was hosting a Twitter Party with Sheex this week.  I was super excited because I love a good Twitter Party! They are fun and fast moving and usually you can learn something interesting. 

Unfortunately, I realized around 4PM this afternoon that the Twitter party would coincide with my group run.  I have shared that I am working on recommitting to my running so I didn't want to skip out on my run.  So I got out my phone and tried a few jogs down the hallway in my house and decided yep, I can run and be on twitter at the same time.  Why not do both and Run with Rinny!

So I sent a Tweet about my predicament and then headed out to meet the group for the run.  It was awesome because the Sheex team and Rinny both responded to my original tweet! Kind of awesome and the party hadn't even started yet.  

I got the Square for the run and I had to switch from my new KnuckleLights to my trusty old headlamp so that I had my hands free to hold my phone.  I explained to one of my friends that I was going to do a Twitter party during the run and he thought that was a little funny.  I tweeted a picture of the group heading out but it was taken in motion and you really can only see the blur of reflective clothing.  For the most part, I held my phone and every so often would refresh TweetDeck and read the most recent tweets.  I took a few walk breaks so that I could write in some questions to Rinny. 

Oh yeah, it was so much fun to see her responses to my questions! Especially her response about hills since I was heading up my last hill when it came.  I guess since Rinny says I need to embrace the hills I should probably restart doing hill repeats each week! Gotta listen to the superstar pro, right?

Here are a few other tidbits from the party:
Time off: Two weeks off and then 2 one week breaks during the season which equals to four breaks per year.

Cross training activities: one on one bball with @tointri, snow shoeing, but mostly couch sitting

Basketball competitiveness: I kick his ass in ashoot out, but he is very competitive in oneonone, I am better, but he is so much bigger

Favorite Run Workout: I love fartlek runs and also my test sets on the treadmill 15 to 20 x 3mins is a good one

Her bet with TO for Kona: If I outran him then he would have to have "rinny's bitch' written on the back of his shoes, and vica versa

Best Advice: Be kind to your body and it will be good to you.

Here's a little more info about Sheex which is a company that produces luxury performance sheet sets.  I was a random prize winner during the Twitter party so I'll get a pillowcase to try out and it might even be autographed by Rinny herself.  If it's autographed I'll have to decide whether I really want to use it I guess.  Either way, I am thinking about trying these sheets out because they sound awesome!

Temperature and sleep quality are closely related. The human body experiences a slight drop in body temperature right before falling to sleep. Traditional sheets trap heat and can disrupt sleep. Sheex performance fabric breathes better, allowing your body to do its job naturally.

Thanks so much to Sheex and Mirinda Carfrae for spending time with all of us tonight on Twitter!

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