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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Squirrel and Sunday Fun-day!

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time on the computer watching Ironman Florida.  It was awesome to watch Bree Wee hold the women's lead finishing up the bike and heading out on the run.  Bree is an inspiring pro who is always pushing herself and having fun while doing it.  One of the things that impressed me so much during the coverage was watching how Bree handled getting passed on the run.  She smiled at her competitors, shook hands, and cheered them on as they passed her.  Now she didn't get passed by that many ladies because she finished 6th but how amazing to be gracious and encouraging as you are suffering and seeing your race slip into less than ideal conditions.  It was also fun to track Laura from Frayed Laces tackle the course.  She was 7th age grouper coming off the bike course...wow!!!

I took a little break from watching IronmanLive for some crafting time with my friend Maja.  She is going to miss Kyla's baby shower next weekend and wanted to help with the decorations.  I'll share what we did after the shower but I am loving having the decorations up since they are bright and cheery.  After finishing up we headed to Subway for a quick bite and then she brought me back home.  As we were driving to my house, we talked about the town where I live and how some areas are so unpopulated that it can be scary.  It's true there are areas of this town with just one house on a street surrounded by woods and little light since there aren't a ton of streetlights.  Even though it can be dark at night here it, is a gorgeous area in the hills with lots of trees and tons of natural beauty.  I'm really lucky too because my house is in a neighborhood and I have neighbors with personality including my running friend Matt who already has his Christmas tree up. 

So I got home from the trip with Maja and decided to watch the final hours of Ironman Florida.  It is so inspiring to watch the party and amazing amount of love and energy that spectators pour out for the finishers especially in the final hour.  What's interesting about triathlon is that the champions come back to be there for the final finishers...how awesome is that! A lot of the crowd had run the race too.  Anyway, I'm happily watching when all of sudden a ton of loud noises seem to be coming from my roof.  It sounded like a pack of gigantic squirrels were running across the roof nonstop.  I waited 15 seconds and then got up to explore the noise and walked near my kitchen window which is between two cabinets.  As I got closer, the cabinet door seemed to be shaking.  All I thought of was how did a squirrel get in my cabinet and how was I going to handle that?  I cautiously opened the door and thankfully discovered no squirrel.  The noises stopped and I returned to the computer and got on the Twitter and Facebook and discovered that I had just felt my first .........
E A R T H Q U A K E. 

In case you are a new follower, I should clarify that I live in Arkansas so an earthquake isn't an everyday occurrence! There was a large 5.6 earthquake outside of Oklahoma City and we managed to feel it here.  Thank heavens for Twitter to let me know because I didn't have a clue what the noises were and was just a little scared that my house was under attack given the talk Maja and I had about my town.  Kind of a funny coincidence! Thankfully none of the baby shower decorations were harmed in the earthquake!

Now onto the training...Sunday Fun-Day!!!! Sunday afternoon is our fun-day celebration at the pool.  And by celebration I mean workout! Today we had a big group since all of Team Tininenko was there...my friend Brent and his two beautiful high school daughters Lauren and Alexa.  In addition, we had Carie and Maja and Kyla who is 8 months pregnant and still kicking my butt in the pool! Carie is our unofficial coach...she has a stockpile of workouts from when she lived in Omaha and swam in their Masters program.  Each week she surprises us with the workout and sometimes we'll make modifications or combine workouts. 

Today's fun was:
3 x 100 with the first 25 stroke in IM order.
2 x 100 backstroke (75 drill of 25 on 8 kick, 6 kick, 4 kick, then swim last 25.)
4 x 50 kick descend

Main set
4 x 100 pull on the 1:45
6 x 75 on the 1:30 descend (we did mini Hannah 150s fly, back, breast x 2)
4 x 50 on the 1:05 stroke
500 as small group rotating 50 hard (circle swim with a few sec between, 1st person does a hard 50 then stands at end of lane to get in back of line as the 2nd person does a hard 50, so on.)

Cool down
100 easy
Hot Tub time!

The workout went by pretty quickly and was fun.  We split up into two groups for the final 500...Team Tininenko versus the rest of us! I had missed the last two Sundays with my vacation and then being sick so it was great to get back in the pool and have a fun and tough workout with friends. 

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