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Monday, December 19, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Swim

For this week's Sunday Funday swim our group decided to be festive and celebrate Christmas.  Most of the group is travelling and so this was one of the last chances for all of us to swim together before the holiday.  We had 7 swimmers spread out over 4 lanes.  We pair up by pace and I got to swim with my buddy Maja today!

We went with a 12 Days of Christmas ladder that was built off of repeats in increments of 25.  So for day 12, that equalled out to a 300.  Here's what our ladder looked like:

Day 12 - 300 IM
Day 11 - 275 Free
Day 10 - 250 Pull
Day 9 - 225 (25 fly, 50 back, 50 breast, 100 free)
Day 8 - 200 IM
Day 7 - 175 free
Day 6 - 150 (50 free, 50 stroke, 50 free)
Day 5 - 125 kick
Day 4 - 100 IM
Day 3 - 75 free
Day 2 - 50 (partner pull/kick)
Day 1 - 25 Sprint with limit breathing

We had several different ability levels swimming so we didn't do a specific time for each ladder.  Instead we gave a short rest break for the last finisher and then started up with the next ladder.  It's make it a tough workout if you are like me and on the slower end of the ability level but it works for our group and keeps us all working hard.  A couple times the faster swimmers added an extra 50 if there was that much of a lag between our paces. 

My friend Carie gave me a super sweet new swim cap that is holiday themed! She found them at SwimOutlet.com and they were an awesome addition to our holiday themed swim party!
For Brent, there was the elf themed swim cap...perfect for his mischievous personality! Just teasing!

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