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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tempted by Fate

I recently discovered how to add some lost apps back to my iPhone.  One of the apps that I got reloaded is called Body Fate.  I used the app last week to earn some Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge points for strength work!

Body Fate was developed by Christine Hazelton who is a trainer to the stars.  I'm pretty sure that Dane Cook tweeted about it when it first came out and that is what prompted me to purchase the app. 

I would describe this app as a fitness game.  The developers describe it this way:
BODYFATE is a metabolic acceleration training program, in other words, a GREAT workout. It takes you to an optimum level of fitness while still having fun in the process. Your workouts change every time you use BODYFATE. The program is illustrated with characters and surprises all the way through. Need a little motivation? No problem. BODYFATE will inspire your spirit with positive quotes and affirmations. Hit an exercise that’s too hard or you don't want to do? Pass on it! Keep in mind, you can only pass on a few. Mr. Good Karma will be checking your honesty. And, Karma always knows. You’ll be blown away at how much this tiny little iPhone app can change your life.
The app works with you first completing some information on the Settings tab.  You first enter the equipment that you have available to you.  For me, I have dumbbells, exercise bands, stability ball, kettlebells, and a stationary bike.  Next, I entered my fitness level as either Beginner, Middle of the Road, or Jock.  Finally, you enter a time for the length of the workout.  Then you are ready to Begin Your Fate. 

You will be given several different options for choosing your fate from pick a hand, pick a door, pick a trainer, or spin the wheel of torture!  The game will provide you with an exercise and suggested reps or it could be a timed activity.  You can earn rest or passes to skip an exercise.  The exercises are illustrated via active photos, you simply tap on the photo to see a demonstration of the exercise.  You can also ask for a detailed written description of the exercise that will provide options for making it easier or more challenging. 

My review: I loved the workout that I got with this game.  Within 15 minutes I had worked up a sweat and was definitely getting a great mix of exercises.  I have done a short workout of 15 minutes and a longer workout of an hour with the app.  I would say my hour workout was concentrated with a lot of arm/back exercises and squats.  I had some soreness for the next two days from the squats...I don't know why we runners tend to think we can skip the strength work on our lower body, but I paid for that bad assumption! It was fun to alternate between lots of different exercises and I would recommend you have all your gear out and ready because you move pretty quick between them.  I would like to keep using this app for getting strength work into my life!

Cost: Body Fate costs $1.99 in the App Store.  That's pretty cheap compared to a trainer and is a good option if you are somewhat familiar with the strength exercises and don't need much coaching on form. 

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  1. This sounds really interesting and something I will look into! Thanks for sharing Whitney!