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Monday, December 12, 2011

Overheated and Yes, I Know It's Winter

Temps were about 40 degrees tonight as I was getting ready to head to the track for our weekly speed workout.  I checked the Weather.com hourly forecast and saw that temps were going to stay about that for the workout time.  All afternoon there was some spritzing rain and the precip forecast wasn't really strong either way...rain/no rain. 

I decided to go with tights, tank, long sleeve, and a jacket.  To top it off I threw on one of my fleece beanie hats.  When I stepped outside to get in the car I felt a little too comfortable temperature wise which is a sure sign that I was overdressed.  I didn't want to skip the jacket though since the rain potential was still there. 

I got to the track and began my warmup jog.  We always complete our warmup running in the outside lanes of the track and going the opposite direction.  It's important to get time on the track going in both directions to prevent injuries.  By the time Mike had gathered everyone around to discuss the workout I had decided that it was just too hot to keep the jacket on. 

Tonight's workout was described as a strength workout.  That's usually not a good description...it almost always mean short rest times! We did a tough 5K workout that was broken out as 2K at 5K pace, 1K at mile pace, 2K at 5K pace.  There was just 30 seconds rest between intervals. 

I definitely felt overheated by the time we hit our 1K interval.  I didn't want to take off my hat though because I was worried with my sweaty hair I would get super cold.  The rain did appear at various times during the workout and I welcomed it for the cooling effect it had!  

Runner's World has an article on what to wear for Winter running in your area.  Below is their recommendation for the Southeast which is the closest to Arkansas.  I think I could have definitely switched to just a headband or earband tonight and probably swapped my tights for capris.  I actually contemplated going with the capris to begin with.  It's funny to think that you can overheat just as easily in the winter but it's true.  I know that the last few laps in the final interval felt tough because my body was getting so warm. I was glad I had worn layers so I was able to remove the jacket before the tough part of the workout.  

As for me, I'm hoping to have better luck with my apparel choices next time.  It's hard work to get the layers just right for winter running but when you do oh what a difference it makes!

CONDITIONS It gets neither too cold nor snowy, but there are lots of ferocious storms.

1 Brooks Infiniti Headband ($14) When it's not frigid out, all you need is a lightweight, superwicking headband to keep your ears toasty. brooksrunning.com

2 New Balance Emissive Long-Sleeve ($48) This slim-fitting top layers well or can be worn alone. It's made of polyester with silver fibers built in to combat odor from repeated rainy runs. The longer cut ensures that cold stays out and warmth stays in. newbalance.com

3 Sugoi Versa Jacket ($120) Constructed from a water-resistant, stretchwoven fabric, this jacket can handle anything from an ice storm to a light drizzle. On dry days when you need just a vest, you can pull the sleeves off—they're attached via magnets. sugoi.com

4 Zoot Pulse Capris ($65) The below-the-knee cut of these slim-fitting, spandex-and-polyester capris is ideal for 40- to 60-degree weather. zootsports.com


  1. I am always afraid of overheating! Have you used the what to wear calculator at Runners world?


    It might help.

  2. I was overdressed on Saturday. When my husband drove by I flagged him down and sent the top layer home! I still had 9 miles to go so it was a great thing to be able to do.