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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Suits I Have Retired in 2011

2011 has been a rough year for my swim suits.  I have had to retire three different suits...the last one just this week. 

First up was the green Speedo...this was a favorite TJ Maxx suit find.  Sadly, the backside was not lined and it started to thin.  I determined that the fabric was just too thin for this suit to be worn anymore. 

Next was the plain black Tyr.  I bought this suit in October 2010 and it didn't even last a year.  I found this suit to be thinning in the chest.  I was so disappointed that I had paid full retail price at a sporting goods store and then the suit didn't hold up that well. 

The last suit was one that I bought on discount this summer.  I bought two different sizes and gave the other to my sister.  This was a very comfy suit though the last month I had been feeling like it was stretching out around my backside.  Well little did I know that other areas had stretched out as well.  On Friday I was swimming and on every turn felt like I was going to pop out of my suit.  Turns out the straps of the suit had gotten stretched out.  Boo, the suit was just way too loose now and so another suit had to be retired. 

Good thing that I follow Sierra Trading Post on Twitter because they had some great sales recently and I was able to replenish my suit supply with a couple new suits! Let's hope that 2012 treats the new suits better since I'm planning to swim more. 

For my HBBC points last week, I got in two swims during the week.  The first was on Wednesday morning with Maja and then second on Friday at lunch with Lori and Carie. 


  1. I just went to STP and ordered two suits. You may want to see if you can a commission.

  2. Yeah, I hope you got some good deals!

  3. well, shopping is always a fun adventure... new stuff is just so.... new.

  4. you're retiring my favorite green and black suit?!?!? I am so sad!