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Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm Going the Distance in 2012!

My good friend Carie posted a link today about the US Masters Swimming's Go The Distance event sponsored by Nike.  It is the most popular USMS event each year and she had me on board with the mention of FREE PRIZES!

How it works is that you track your distance swam for the whole year.  You can log your distance daily or monthly, whatever works best for you! Once you surpass certain milestones, you get a free prize.  All of this and it is a free program.  Here are the stats from last year's participants: In 2011, more than 2,000 swimmers swam more than 50 miles; 547 swam 365 miles and two swimmers made it to 1,500 miles.

I set my goal at 150 miles for the year.  I've never tracked my swim distance on a yearly basis so I really have no clue if this is an achievable distance but I thought it sounded like something good to shoot for.  Below are the prize levels:
MilestoneNike Swim Award
50 milesGTD Nike Swim swim cap
100 miles
150 miles
200 miles
250 milesNike draw string bag
300 miles
365.25 miles
(average mile a day)
400 miles
500 milesNike Swim suit
750 miles
1000 miles
1250 miles
1500 miles

Here's where I am at so far in the challenge.  I have logged in 3 swims of various distances.  It will be fun to track my distance over the coming year. 

 If you want to join in, visit United States Masters Swimming to sign up. There are some other fun programs you can do including the One hour Postal Swim that takes places this month. My Masters club is hosting our postal swim on the 21st and I'll be trying to get to the 2 mile mark this year!


  1. This is very cool! It is exactly the sort of thing I like but I don't see me reaching 50 miles at this point. Maybe next year.

  2. Very cool! I'm in!

    Btw, You are one of the only bloggers that I read that regularly talks about swimming. I'm such a newbie, that I don't know a lot of the terms and stuff, but I really like reading it!