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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mom Would be SOOOOO Proud

Why, you ask?!?! I went to YOGA tonight.

My mom has been a yoga addict for a long, long time.  She loves yoga and I have watched how yoga keeps her young.  If I haven't told you guys before, I have a great mom! She never pushed anything on us while we were growing up.  She encouraged us to make decisions and choose the activities that brought us joy.  For me, that was dancing which included lots of ballet, tap, and jazz classes.  My mom tried lots of sports while we were growing up too.  She took adult tap classes, she picked up running for a while, and finally she discovered yoga. 

While my mom has always shared her love of yoga with us she has never pressured us to do it...however, it totally makes her day when one of us takes a yoga class.  Today was a rainy and stormy day which put a crink in my plans to run hill repeats with friends.  Instead I met up with one friend to go swimming and then after that we both headed to yoga class with another friend. 

Tonight's class was at the hot yoga studio and was a power flow class.  The class was full and I ended up with a spot right in front of one of the space heaters.  I'm a heavy sweater to begin with in hot yoga so you can only imagine how much sweat I produced that close to the heater.  Some of the flow series were movements between different warrior poses.  We also did a series that included standing balance poses.  The class ended with ab work including boat pose and bridge. 

Sadly the pose I struggled the most with tonight is one of my favorites...dancer's pose.  I just couldn't get situated into the pose and I was struggling with the flexibility to reach my foot.  We did some pigeon poses towards the end of the class and that really helped relax my hips which have been bothering me lately after long runs. 


I don't make it to the yoga studio all that often.  In fact, I hadn't been since sometime before October...oops! When I walked in, the studio owner couldn't remember my name...not that I expected her to at all.  I told her that yes I had been there before and she tried to remember me.  Well, after class she apologized for not remembering me but said that once the flow started she remembered me based on my practice/flow style.  Um, thanks I think! I'm hoping it doesn't take another rainy day to get me to the yoga studio again!

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