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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Swim with Active Rest

On Monday I met up with my friend Lori to swim at lunch.  I have to swim shortened workouts when I swim at lunch but Lori still made sure that the workout packed a punch.  We both swam our own warmup and then decided on a main set. 

Lori picked 100's with a twist.  I should have known when she picked a 2:00 min interval that it wouldn't be a breeze.  We started our intervals from the deep end of the pool and the twist was that we would finish off the wall on each repeat.  And why in the world would you finish an interval off the wall...so you could tread water of course!

Yes, Lori had us doing 100's with active recovery between them.  That meant that we began each interval from a complete dead stop in the water with no push off the wall.  That was almost more difficult than the treading water.  On the 5th interval, I finally asked how many intervals we were doing! Eight was Lori's reply...great, still 3 more to go!

After finishing up with the 100's, we moved on to Lori's favorite swim item.  Over/Unders.  This is where you swim under water, holding your breath for 25 yds and then swim back over the water ie backstroke for recovery.  I put fins on and still only got 2 done in one breath.  There is something very mentally challenging about doing these and I just haven't figured out yet how to relax while doing them.  I swim the under with my arms in streamline and doing a flutter kick.  Most of my friends swim doing a dolphin kick for the swim but I'm not so great with my dolphin kick. 

In the end, I ended up getting just over a mile in for my lunch swim which was great. 

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