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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Embrace the Insanity!

Every year as Fall rolls around the amount of daylight after work slowly starts to diminish.  This has a huge impact on my fitness since it means outdoor bike rides become virtually non-existent.  I also get a little more laid back in my running since I tend to run more cautiously in the dark.  One thing that I did last year to combat this and maintain fitness during the off season was incorporate more cross training into my fitness diet. 

I have found that exploring some different fitness trends via classes and workout videos helps build my strength and reinvigorate my workouts during what could otherwise be a boring off season.  It's the perfect time to build your fitness and try out new things.  Beach Body is a popular source for home workout videos.  This fall they are releasing some new titles which look like they are pretty tough!

Up first is Insanity: The Asylum 2 with Shawn T.  The premise of this workout series is Maximum Interval Training where you will perform longer intervals at your max effort with short recovery periods.  The workouts include a lot of plyometric style drills which combine fitness and high intensity cardio to burn calories and strengthen your core.  The Asylum 2 brings more sport specific workouts and drills to the video and promises the same exercises that pro athletes use.  In an exclusive preview, Beachbody shared a sample of the Insanity Asylum 2 workout and let me say it looks intense.  There are lots of activities involving the agility ladder which I know from my boot camp workouts is tough.  I think you can expect to be dripping sweat during this workout. 

Visit the Insanity page here to sign up for updates on the release of the program and watch a sample of the workout.  Some friends that have tried Insanity commented that they liked that the workout didn't require any weights and that it's up to you to control your intensity. 

The next program that is being released this fall is Les Mills Combat.  I have tried Les Mills classes before including Body Pump and this workout promises a similar experience with a focus on mixed martial arts and high intensity training. 

This video gives you a good idea of what you can expect from this workout.  I haven't done much kick-boxing since the initial Taebo craze during my college years but from then I remember how powerful I felt after doing a kickboxing workout.  There's something about a workout like this that is very empowering.  This video will release in December just in time for your Christmas wish list and New Year's resolutions! You can pre-order now at BeachBody. The explosive moves are sure to be a fat-burner and will kickstart your fitness!

The last new workout from BeachBody is the Brazil Butt Lift Master Series.  This workout is all about working the three major muscles of your butt to sculpt a strong and sexy booty.  The new video will incorporate the stability ball to better isolate and engage the muscles of your core while working the gluteus muscles.  As a runner, I know how important it is to have a working booty.  You can derive a lot of power by actively utilizing and firing your glutes.  If your glutes aren't firing it's likely that your running form will suffer and you could notice injuries developing.  This workout video will provide you with workouts of different intensities so that you can select the workout that meets your goals and needs.  Check it out here

Disclosure:  Beach Body contacted me about their new video products and asked that I share information with my readers.  I was not compensated for this post and the opinions are my own. 

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