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Hi, I'm Whitney! I am a middle of the pack runner who discovered the fun of triathlons in 2009. Join me in my adventures in life and training. I run with the Rush Running team and enjoy the fun that comes with such a supportive group of friends who understand what running means to me. I'm newly discovering road biking and the fun that it entails.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Month as a Runnerd

Candice at I Have Run hosted a photo challenge for the month of September called the RunnerdPhotoaDay challenge.  I have never participated in a photo challenge before so I wasn't sure if I would stay interested in the project for a full month.  I got started though and managed to stay on track for all but two days.  I still posted photos for those days just posted a day late instead of on time.  Here's my photo summary for the month... I did have to use some pictures that were from earlier in the summer but some were real time to the task.  Sadly I did manage to use one photo twice but in my defense I really loved the pics in it!!!

Take a look at what I was up to in September.  And remember you can follow me on Twitter @runningwhit

September 1 - time - my trusty time keeper nicks and all...I love my Garmin!
September 2 - sweat - sweet sweat shot from earlier this summer!
September 3 - up - A little post-10K jump UP for #runnerdphotoaday it was hilly hot and humid race!
September 4 - inspire - @ihaverun asked for what inspires me for #runnerdphotoaday. For me, it's race bling! I love getting a great medal!
September 5 - kitchen - Oh Lordy, @ihaverun asked for a kitchen pic today. Mine is a mess but dishes are done!
September 6 - fun - At a bachelorette with running friends and it is a bride-athalon!
September 7 - reflection - @ihaverun asked for reflection for #runnerdphotoaday and I use my blog to reflect on races and training.
September 8 - show - Perfect for #runnerdphotoaday theme of show-awkward discovery that I was showing crazy sweat marks postrace!
September 9 - ready - This #runnerd was ready for the hot tub but had to do my swim workout first :(
September 10 - strong - My coach Mike Rush has a strong rush which he shared as he passed me on the track tonight.
September 11 - watch - I love to WATCH the sun rise on my morning commute. Would be more fun on a run, though.
September 12 - food - Got out of work late tonight so I'm thankful for leftovers. Yummy food!
September 13 - logo - I race in my favorite LOGO @rushrunning and it's never awkward when my friends and I match!
September 14 - looking down - Looking down and this #runnerd is in need of a pedicure!
September 15 - book - My #runnerd book that I take with me everywhere I go...fitness calendar book. Accountability!
September 16 - friend - Good #runnerd friends text you at 5AM to make sure you are up and ready for the long run!
September 17 - run - No run tonight, getting ready to host committee meeting tomorrow. Cupcakes are on the menu!
September 18 - how you feel - How I feel during hill repeats in this pic...it's worth it for the confidence I feel in races!
September 19 - in - @ihaverun asked for IN today so here are the INgredients for homemade date bars that are yummy!
September 20 - technology - Technology connects me with my virtual teammates on @toughchik.
September 21 - circle - One circle I'm proud to be a part of @arwomenbloggers and I love my social media necklace.
September 22 - first - My running coach's First time as a minister yesterday for a couple of our running buddies!
September 23 - grow - The magic of Disney will never Grow old...me in purple vest my first time there over 25 years ago.
September 24 - new - Hot summer = tanks only so this shirt felt brand NEW tonight, I rebroke it in with lots of sweat!
September 25 - word - This salad was amazing...Word! Remember back in the day when we all said word!
September 26 - red - One of my biggest race accomplishments...last year's RedMan 1/2 Ironman!
September 27 - favorite - Yesterday was my favorite day of the month!
September 28 - song - One of my go to running songs...Till I Collapse. Plus a peek at my random music tastes!
September 29 - personality - Lots of personality in post race photo booth pics!
September 30 - runnerd - As a I've got all colors covered & running clothes make up most of laundry each wk!


  1. What a fun idea! I don't know that I could come up with enough photo ideas, but I love yours!

  2. Whit, are you running in the Color Run in Little Rock or Memphis? I just signed up for the Little Rock run. :-)