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Friday, October 26, 2012

It's a Shockwave!

This week we got a new toy during our boot camp classes ...the Indo-Row Machine.  This is a rowing machine with a patented water fly wheel to replicate the dynamics of rowing.  The water in the tank provides the resistance and it is variable...just add or remove to increase/decrease resistance.  Each rowing machine includes a small display so that you can review distance and time data. 

Our boot camp instructor recently became certified in the style of circuit class that Equinox developed called Shockwave.  This class involves mixing cardio and strength training circuits specifically with the rower for cardio. 

At our boot camp class on Thursday we tried out a similar style of workout.  First we split into teams of 2 with enough stations for each team.  I got started on one of the rowing stations because it's best to get some of the hardest stations out of the way earlier!  The rowers set the pace for the circuit flow. So each rower had a set distance challenge (round 1 was 300m and round 2 was 200m.)  The rest of the class would complete their strength station until all rowers had completed the prescribed distance.  Then everyone would move to the next station.  Some of the stations during our class Thursday were step ups with a bicep curl, sit ups passing the ab ball to your teammate, overhead shoulder press, plank with row, bicep curls on the TRX, etc. 

Rowing is a full body cardio activity.  You engage your legs, core, arms, and back to complete the full range of motion.  It definitely made me feel the burn and it got my heart rate up! It was a fun new cardio challenge and Thursday's boot camp class left me feeling worn out in a good way!

Have you tried rowing yet?  What about Shockwave?  I'm excited to see how the trainers continue to incorporate the rowing machine into our boot camp classes. 

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  1. Rowing is SUPER HARDCORE. My best friend was on the Merchant Marine's rowing team and gosh, she had killer abs from it.