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Sunday, December 16, 2012

You want me to do what?

100 Burpees. Yep, that's what my sister said. 100 burpees!

My sisters and I went on a quick overnight trip to the Great Wolf Lodge this weekend with two of their kids for a little pre-birthday celebration for my niece who is turning 5.  At some point during our late buffet dinner on Friday, Lindsey brought up that she still needed to do her workout for the day and of course we needed to do it with her.  Just what was this genius workout...100 burpees. 

Lindsey is on day 58 of a 100 day challenge that is put on by Cyclone Fitness and Sara Moneymaker.  It is a YouTube hosted workout series that takes you through a video workout each day.  The workouts seem to last 10-30 minutes and target various body parts each day. 

We finished up our dinner and headed back to our hotel room.  Kristen and I decided that we would each do some burpees with Lindsey in increments of 10 so that we could keep her company.  I got started and on number 3 managed to jam my ankle on the jump back.  Ooops! Not a good start to the workout for me.  (I altered my form to the step back and got through the rest fine but even the next day it was still a little sore.  Stupid mistake but thankfully nothing was seriously damaged.)

Kristen jumped in so I could rest my ankle and then we took turns doing 10 burpees with Lindsey until we got through the full 100.  Lindsey didn't like it when we told jokes or made her laugh.  All 3 of us tested out some new form on doing the burpees from the step back to the jump back to something Lindsey called competition style.  On average we were doing 10 in about 2-2 1/2 minutes but sometimes we needed water breaks or laughter breaks in between sets. 

It was a classically funny moment and something that probably few people do at 9:00 PM when travelling.  I'm so thankful to have active sisters who challenge and support one another to be healthy and fit.  Thankfully...no filming was done during this challenge though someone managed to take pictures of me teaching my niece and nephew how to do bird dog pose and supermans afterwards.  It better not show up in the family calendar!

We had a great time at Great Wolf Lodge...can you count climbing the stairs to the water slides as part of your workout? The slides were so much fun and the kiddos were big enough to do most of the slides there.  My favorite was the Howlin Tornado...super fun and fitting after doing our Cyclone Fitness Day 57 workout of 100 burpees.  It was the perfect little trip for my niece and nephew who both love to swim.  Everyone had fun and we really did climb those stairs to the slides quite a few times! That should count like a stairmaster right?!?!

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