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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

HumaGel Funding Campaign

A few months ago I got the opportunity to try out the new HumaGel chia based energy gel.  I loved it!!!

The fruit flavors were awesome and it was so much better than typical gels.  HumaGel was developed not by a large national company but by two guys who wanted a better tasting and better ingredient based gel product.

Now is your chance to help them keep chasing their dream.  They have launched a funding campaign to help fund their first full production run.  They have been self-funded up until now and unfortunately have to secure a new manufacturer.  At the same time, they are launching two great new flavors.  That's a lot of excitement for a small start up company!!!

Here's your chance to help...the perks are great and if you haven't yet had a HumaGel I can tell you that you will love it.  I also love how much fun the guys had in making their video.  Here's my previous review if you want more info on the great gels.  Ch Ch Chi Chia Huma Gel Review!

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