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Monday, July 1, 2013

The Newest in Transition Runs

Throughout triathlon training it's very important that you do a lot of practice with transitioning from the bike to the run.  We like to call these combination workouts Brick workouts.  Some says it is because your legs feel like bricks when you start to run! Others say it is called a brick because you are stacking together two disciplines like you would stack bricks.  Either way...bricks are an important part in building a solid foundation to your triathlon training.

We sometimes call our runs off the bike a transition run.  The duration is usually about 15-20 minutes...just enough to get you past the point when your legs and brain transition and stop fighting the switch from the bike.

Well, I have news to share...there is a whole new transition run in Northwest Arkansas! Let me share with you the latest in transition runs...

Well, I hope you can tell that we were having a little fun!  This video was our submission for a contest hosted by SkinStrong which is a anti-chafing product.  They posted their own version of Prancercise and put the challenge out to create your own and share for a chance to win a SkinStrong party pack.  Here is Slik showing off the prizes!
Photo: Enjoying the Prancercise submissions so far (especially ones sent from people on vacation).
If you haven't submitted yours yet, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get your prance on and then upload it here before midnight tomorrow night!


Slik's packing up the party for the winner!

Truth be told I saw a Facebook reminder about the contest on Saturday and texted Mandy that we should totally make a video during our bike ride on Sunday.  Mandy's sister had shared the original Prancercise video with us so we had to make sure Jody could join us and be in the video too.  We had a lot of fun laughing and prancercising in the neighborhood during our bike ride.  We had Jody's husband film our fun and then Mandy put it all together into our WINNING video submission!  Even though we won with our awesome skills... we will return to our regularly scheduled transition runs next week!  Check out SkinStrong's YouTube channel for some of the other fun video submissions!

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