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Monday, March 17, 2014

Kiss Me I'm Irish 10K Race Recap

Bentonville hosted a fun themed 5K/10K race event a few weeks ago to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  The race was part of the Bentonville Racing Series and was new this year.

One of the race sponsors was Junk Brands which is a local company that makes fun sports headbands.  For this race, Junk had a special offer for race participants which was a custom Junk brands kilt and headband.  The kilt was a performance fabric kilt and the design was different than a lot of other skirts on the market.  It was a wrap around skirt with slits for movement.  I paired my kilt with a bright green shirt and a fun giant green bow headband.  I love a good theme race!
Me with co-workers Jenni and Chris

The race course was a little confusing when looking at the map.  It doubled back on itself a couple of times in order to stay within the vicinity of Memorial / Orchard Park and in order to offer both a 5K and 10K distance.  I elected to do the 10K and almost didn't make it to the starting line.  I was leaving the bathroom by the soccer fields and nearly wiped out on a patch of ice.  The roads were clear there was just this big patch of ice between the parking lot and bathroom entrance.

The race started with the 10K first and then the 5K group followed us a little later.  It was fun to cheer on the super fast 5K runners as they moved through the 10K field around the 1 mile mark.  I ran with a co-worker friend who is training in the half marathon group.  We had fun chatting with each other and those around us.

My favorite part of the race was one of the water stops.  It was located at a spot on the course that we visited three times and my niece's school was staffing it so I got to see my family three times during the race!  It was awesome to have a personal cheer squad during the race.

As soon as I finished the race I got super cold.  The temps were chilly and it had sprinkled a little during the race.  The wind was what killed me once we stopped moving.  I couldn't wait to get to the car and put on a fleece jacket.  We followed the race with a trip to Table Mesa for breakfast and it felt so good to get some hot food in me.

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